From a modest beginning twenty-five years ago, to a great success story today. Thorough planning and a bold vision have seen to that. A journey through time and space spent in search of the sublime. Our objective was simple: to give you the best high quality chocolate ever. With the help of God, determination, and the appreciation of the highest standards, we managed to achieve our goal. But we didn’t do it alone, from day one we had our ears and eyes were keen and open to the suggestions and recommendations from our customers. Their advice and constant encouragement and support are what drove us to success.

We wouldn’t have made it without you.


Chocolate Your Way!

Chocoline has many delightful flavor variations and combinations to fulfill your quest for ultimate chocolate. If you are intrigued by our collection or would like to request a specific combination of ingredients you have our attention!

Chocoline Studio is specially designed with you in mind to share with us your passion for fine chocolate. We give you full flexibility to choose from our proven favorites and have them produced with your logo or brand and you may opt for custom wrapping. Alternatively, we can provide you with the option to specially request flavor combinations from our palette of delicacies. We have full capability to custom produce